Established for over 25 years, with around 268 stafl and 67.000 square meters. Factory YIDA has developed a reputation for supplying the premium power tools especially the impact drill series at competitive prices,0ur goal is to provide quality tools and products that made the work of jourtneymen…

    All of our products carry the certificates of CE, GS and RoHS (if needed) with one year warranty, which explains why we are supplying the world brands such as Black&Decker、Einhell、Ryobi、Ronix、Chicago、Interskol、Titan and other more. Whether you operate as a sole trader, own a small business or are a buyer in a multi-million dollar company, you will always find the right products that correspond to your needs.

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    • E-mail : [email protected]
    • Address : No.1 Qinyu Road,Baiyangdu
      Industrial Area,321200,Wuyi,Zhejiang,China




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